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In each episode you will meet men and women who candidly share their solutions to challenges such as maturing, retirement, new experiences, divorce, financial planning, finding a new job or career, illness, loss of a loved one, loneliness and more.

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Episode 1

Michael (pictured above) fulfills his childhood dream of becoming a cowboy.

Chris and Bruce start an art gallery after becoming bored with retirement.

Tina and Dan reorganize their lives to become debt free after Dan’s near fatal illness.

Mac, feeling expendable by the corporate world, and Brigitte take personal and financial risks to find happiness and success.

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Episode 2

Patricia (pictured above) loses a loved one and finds a new career.

Julie and Don start and Alpaca ranch after Don is replaced by a younger employee.

Larry, a cancer survivor, teaches the blind how to play bridge and "cook for company."

Jo and her twin daughters Dana and Laura work together in Dana's health food store.

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Episode 3

RW (pictured above), a veteran diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, finds help at the Veteran's Garden.

Ines, an immigrant from Ecuador, establishes a charity to provide medical care to Ecuadorans. 

Pat, "eased out" of her corporate job because of her age, finds a new employer who sees the benefits of hiring Pat and other older people.

Barbara shares her experiences and insights on divorce and remarriage.

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Episode 4

Nancy (pictured above), a concert pianist and teacher, shares how she has survived cancer and remained productive and positive.

Rick, a professional dog trainer, and Michael, a decorated veteran, together train "Buddy" as a service dog for Michael and change Michael’s life.

Oliver uses his personal experiences with gangs, substance abuse, and jail to teach young people how to stay out of trouble.

Thomas, and his sisters Elizabeth and Rosemary, all widowed, decide to live together again as a family.

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Episode 5

Bob (pictured above), a decorated Peace Corps worker, continues to help others despite over two dozen surgeries for cancer.

Joy and Greg work day and night shifts to raise their five children.

Matthew, a Gulf War veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder, finds comfort working at a sanctuary for injured birds.

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Episode 6

Sandi (pictured above), refuses an abortion at 17, and raises a successful son.

Judy overcomes the violent death of both parents and achieves a flourishing career.

Raul becomes suddenly blind, but finds new ways to recall visual images.

Helen, a former World War II code breaker, loses her husband and survives loneliness by volunteering at a children's museum.

Don retires and starts three new careers.

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Episode 7

Suzanne and Larry (pictured above) forego success in the big city to raise their family in the country.

Russ, a missionary and second generation plumbing contractor, donates part of his liver to his ailing brother and almost dies in the process.

Blanka shares her story of surviving the Holocaust and losing her entire family so that others will not forget.

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Episode 8

Joel (pictured above), bored with retirement and with little savings, starts a new career.

Kathy describes the despair of not being able to have a child and the joy when she and her husband adopt a baby.

Hee Sook and Chon Kyu, immigrants from Korea, describe their hard work to succeed and how their children adjust to two cultures.

Viola, a former teacher and recent amputee, tells about her survival despite inadequate health insurance and income.

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Episode 9

Van, HIV negative and Luther, HIV positive (pictured above), describe their life as partners.

Roy, a widower and father of three adopted children, plays on a softball team with men ages 50-88 and shares the importance of camaraderie with team members Don, Herman and Marshall.

Sheila adopts and raises a child as a single mom with limited income.

Bill, adopted son of Harpo and Susan Marx, shares his story.

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Episode 10

Aldo (pictured above), an octogenarian, works all day and dances almost all night.

Art finds a new interest singing Karaoke. He and his wife Esther, a dental hygienist, talk about raising children with good values.

Karen deals with divorce, remarriage, and her son’s death.

Jim finds fulfillment volunteering in a soup kitchen.

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Episode 11

Mary (pictured above), a Philippine immigrant, her father Manuel and daughter cope with money challenges and a multi-generational household.

Jane, twice widowed, and whose four children die, survives by rescuing animals.

Lusanna describes her depression and eventual adjustment to becoming suddenly blind.

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Episode 12

Nancy (pictured above), a psychotherapist, describes the different concerns and stresses of people in age groups from 30 to 90.

Mary and Doug cope with his long recovery from multiple strokes and her battle with pancreatic cancer.

Shirley, a widow, sets and achieves high goals while raising her family and finds a new career along the way.

Kathy returns to school to obtain her masters degree in public health and helps her community’s poor and homeless.

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Episode 13

Joan (pictured above), gets a divorce, goes back to college, and achieves independence and a new career.

Jane, a postal employee, loses her husband, goes back to college and now works on NASA projects.

Frank discusses raising his great-granddaughter Melissa. 

Phyllis and Phil talk about raising children and family values.

Shirley and Merle share the joy of Shirley getting her college degree in her 60’s, Merle's lessons learned during many careers, and their charitable efforts.

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